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Interactive Securities (Pvt.) Ltd is a corporate member of Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited. The Principal activity of the company is share brokerage and its ultimate aim is to deliver highest level of customer service to its clients.

Interactive Securities is Pakistan’s renowned stock brokerage company that offers Economic & Sector Research, Corporate Finance & Financial Advisory and Equities Trading. We are primarily engaged in providing full scale brokerage services. Acting as a responsible entity, we strive to provide our clients best possible resources required for intelligent investing and generate superior returns. We are committed to providing our clients comprehensive financial services in the area of equity brokerage and investment advisory to help achieve their goals. We firmly believe that the scope for professionalizing the financial services industry in Pakistan is immense. In fact, one of the strong motivations in establishing GO securities was to develop a high degree of professionalism in the capital markets of Pakistan. With a commitment to professionalism, team-work and integrity, we aim to become one of the leading financial institutions in the country working as strategic partners with our clients.


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