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Interactive Securities Pvt Ltd

Interactive Securities (Pvt.) Ltd is a corporate member of Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The Principal activity of the company is share brokerage and its ultimate aim is to deliver highest level of customer service to its clients.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Interactive Securities (Pvt) Ltd is dedicated to mounting a culture that is manifestly different from our competitors. Our core focus is not on building the largest firm in the Brokerage business in Pakistan, but on building the most respected, Reliable and trustworthy and become the most admired in the brokerage industry. We will accomplish this by focusing on the Retail & Corporate clients. We will create an atmosphere where we can take great care of the clients and their financial Assets by devoting the best Risk Management, Value Added Services, and Client service standards.

Our Vision

Interactive Securities (Pvt) Ltd mission statement is to build financially trusted relationship with investors and provide unique solutions for portfolio and trading risk management at least cost. We are frequently communicating with, and learn from our clients, in order to improve our services and expertise.

Our Values

With the steady deregulation of markets and the lifting of exchange controls investors face a wealth of opportunities in today’s market place. To maximize returns from investment opportunities, however, investors need advisors with a deep market intelligence and expertise in local markets. Interactive Securities Pvt. Limited is committed to fulfilling these needs. Interactive Securities is renowned and prominent name is PSX history, to provide specialized financial services to both the institutional and private sector in the area of both equity and futures markets.